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Double-Flange Differential Pressure Transmitter With Capillary[editar]

[[Double-Flange Differential Pressure Transmitter With Capillary][1] Double-flange Differential Pressure Transmitter With Capillary is a new type of transmitter. Its design principle is advanced, the specifications are complete, and the installation is easy to use. The unit can be replaced directly during installation, with great versatility and replacement capabilities. In order to meet the continuous improvement and development of the domestic automation level, in addition to its compact design, it also has the intelligent function of the HART fieldbus protocol.

Differential pressure (DP) transmitter[editar]

Differential pressure (DP) transmitter[2], also called differential pressure transducer. Differential pressure transmitters measure the difference between two pressures.

Differential Pressure Transmitter converts pressure measurements, into a proportional 4-20 mA or a 1 – 5 Vdc output signal, that functions as the input to a controller, recorder, indicator or similar device. https://www.drurylandetheatre.com/differential-pressure-transmitters

HART Communicator[editar]

HART Communicator[3] HART is a communication protocol designed for industrial process measurement and control applications. It's called a hybrid protocol because it combines analog and digital communication. It can communicate a single variable using a 4-20 ma analog signal, while also communicating added information on a digital signal. The digital information is carried by a low-level modulation superimposed on the standard 4-to-20 mA current loop. The digital signal does not affect the analog reading because it's removed from the analog signal by standard filtering techniques. HART Handheld Communicator is a tradition in the multi-function verification function and HART communication function together, already can complete including voltage, current, thermocouple, heat resistance, frequency, resistance, pressure, regular check, and can be used to direct communication with all popular HART intelligent transmitter. Application: It is used as a multifunctional hand operator for maintenance and diagnosis. It can be used to complete almost all on-site instrument maintenance and debugging work, including fault diagnosis, daily maintenance, commissioning, calibration, etc. https://www.china-transmitters.com/hart-communicator/

SMT 3051 Pressure Transmitter-Capillary Level Transmitters[editar]

SMT 3051 Pressure Transmitter-Capillary Level Transmitters

SMT 3051 pressure transmitter-Capillary Level Transmitters[4] SMT 3051 pressure transmitter, is one of our core capillary type pressure transmitter, which is used as dp level transmitter too. Performance up to 0.04% accuracy Manifolds, Primary Elements and Seal Solutions 4-20 mA HART, 1-5 Vdc HART low power, FOUNDATION fieldbus, and Profibus PA protocols Calibrated spans/ranges from 0.1 inH2O to 4000 psi (0,25 mbar to 276 bar) 316 SST, Alloy C-276, Alloy 400, Tantalum, Gold-Plated Alloy 400 or 316L SST wetted materials


Differential Pressure (Dp) Sensor Definition[editar]

Differential Pressure (Dp) Sensor Definition https://www.china-transmitters.com/differential-pressure-transmitter/double-flange-dp-transmitter.html

DP sensor[5], also called dp transmitter, or dp transducer.

Differential Pressure Sensor (DPS),

is a sensor used to measure the difference between two pressures.

It is usually used to measure the differential pressure between the front,

and rear ends of a device or component.

Differential Pressure (Dp) Level Sensor ​

Dp sensor can be used to measure level, which is differential pressure (dp) level sensor.

DP level sensor, is a pressure signal measured,

t the reference side of atmospheric pressure (low pressure side),

with one or two ports for flange (or other connection) and process pipe connection.

On the basis of common pressure/differential pressure transmitter,

one or two isolation membrane boxes are added to measure the liquid receiving part.

Mainly used for measuring high temperature,

easy to solidify or crystallize, containing solid suspended matter,

too viscous, corrosive or other needs to maintain sanitary conditions, non-polluting media.